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Motiv8nU actually started with an AOL email account and a friend that was a calibration tech in the Navy. Her email was Kalibr8nu and she said "Staci, you are motivational, your email should be ... Motiv8nU."
And so it began. 

Years passed, with military and fitness experiences that wove together.  I started writing, talking, training and never stopped. One day of believing in myself evolved into another day and then years. We all have a story and I was fortunate someone wanted to hear mine. One day my husband dragged a desk into our apartment from someone else's trash. I built my business on that desk.  I persevered and set goals and built my dream. Here we are today with over 30 years of experiences, 6 book projects, an online and brick and mortar presence and a Motiv8nu community that makes my heart incredibly full.  Thank you for taking the time to read this little excerpt of how I got started with Motiv8nU! Please look around my site and reach out!

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Staci Boyer 

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Staci Boyer is an accomplished high-energy, inspiring motivational speaker, award- winning author, dedicated personal trainer, transformational wellness coach, and Founder/CEO of the Motiv8n’U brand and company. Her past experiences as a U.S. NAVY Corpsman for 12 years and 33 years in the health and wellness industry have prepared her well to continuously fulfill her destiny to help others improve their quality of life. Staci has a Master of Fitness Sciences through the ISSA, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science and is presently spreading the word of women’s empowerment through her 6th book project Dear Woman; The Letters- which features letters that she writes to champion women for change in all aspects of their lives. Her newest project revolves around powerful motivational conversations that she has with clients. Her responses have taken on a life of their own in her 7th book “Just the Text!” 
Stay TUNED.  MOTIV8NU has so much more to do!
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