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  • 12 week Competition plan Paid in full plan (payment plan available)

    $520.00 $500.00

    Payment plans are available - CLICK HERE

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    NOTE: There is a minor upcharge per month for Nutrition Specialty needs. 

    A minimum of 12 weeks AT LEAST - is needed to prepare you for stage, therefore THIS payment is based on (at a minimum) a full 12 week program. A 12 week program may be sufficient for the competitor who is within 7-10 pounds of stage weight.

    Additional time may be necessary if outside of this weight range. If so we will go MTM for $150.00 until you are ready! Improvement season rates are lower until you are 16 weeks out from your next competition!

    12 week online prep to include training, nutrition, weekly, daily and hourly check-ins as needed and Constant posing feedback and adjustments.

    Your training program is very detailed and your workouts will be accessible through the MOTIV8NU APP  and your own private account. Workouts have videos, are easy to follow and will be updated throughout your prep. You may also have scheduled weekly 30 min phone consultations with your coach (if desired )(it is up to you to schedule)  and (MANDATORY) Monday check-ins. Your nutrition will also be updated up to the day of the show - and beyond if needed! We provide all assistance in finding the right suit, jewelry, costumes, shoes, shorts etc. 

    Our goal is to handle everything including hair, makeup and tanning! For this service with Team Motiv8nU Elite your cost is $520 for your initial 12 week program. PAID IN FULL gives you a $20 discount - $50 of this is your registration fee. This fee covers processing and initial set up of all private accounts I manage for your personal program.  The $520 can be broken down to 2 payments of $260 then $150 a month going forward. NOTE: Together you and I will determine estimated time needed for your prep. We also require at minimum either 4 one-hour posing group sessions, or 4 -30 minute Face/time Skype posing sessions. 

    Purchase posing sessions here-  POSE

    **Note that if you choose to make payments, and decide to quit prior to completing the 12 week portion of your prep, you will be responsible for final payments.

    As a member of the Motiv8nU™ community you will receive significant discounts through Pride NutritionTrust Nutrition, and Allthatglittersgems, and Fitmarkbags!

    Take a peek at our TRANSFORMATION photos on our @TeamMotiv8nu instagram #Highlights and posts!  OR our NON-Competitive LIFESTYLE program if you are not ready to jump into the competition prep program just yet! 

    The competition prep plan INCLUDES an Improvement SEASON plan post-competition. You and I will choose the best program for you. 

    1-Continued weight loss (typically for those that transitioned from the Lifestyle program or did not quite hit specific original goals)
    2-Maintance - (LOVE where you are, do not need to gain, may or may not actually compete again - or want a LONG off season to enjoy life in this new fabulous body)
    3-CLEAN BUILD - which will be main focus until time to start CUT phase for your next competition. Length of this program and phases contained within will be discussed by you and Staci. Read Staci's Bio here.

    PAYMENT can be taken IN STUDIO - PREFERRED PAYMENT option ONLINE is PAYPAL - note: you may pay with a credit card through the PAYPAL option, even without a PAYPAL account.  Thank you.

    ALL sales are final.