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FaceTime with Staci

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Do you have a plan but need to talk through some issues? Are you struggling with the foods you are eating and maybe feel like something is bloating you or disagreeing with you? Do you have questions about your training split, timing of foods, or trendy no calorie bandwagon foods that may or may not be ideal? Are you curious about the types of carbs that are good for you as an individual?  

Are parts of this health and fitness journey overwhelming and stressful? Do you need to just talk through how your day is played out and learn to make yourself a priority?

I could go on and on with the types of questions that you may have.... if you need a sounding board - I can help. With 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry along with 10 years of competing in 32 competitions AND being an entrepreneur and mom- I can help you trouble shoot and brainstorm.  

We can FaceTime or Skype - so we have a personal one-on-one 60 minute conversation!

Heres to #problemsolving, making YOU a priority and changing the GAME!

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