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Are you just looking for your daily caloric needs, and not a regimented meal plan to achieve your goals? Maybe you are using a food prep company and this will make your prep efforts more efficient. I will gather information on your body type, age and activity along with immediate and long term goals revolving around nutrition. I will simply provide you with the following:

1. Daily caloric need to achieve goal

2. Protein grams / ounce conversion for your food list 

3. Carb grams / measured amounts for your food list 

4. Fat grams / measured amounts for your food list (best options provided for you by me)

5. Suggested Veggie servings  (list of best options for this)

NOTE: This is a very basic service and can be upgraded to my Lifestyle client Nutrition Program, or Competitor Nutrition Program or even my full plans that include workouts in your own personal account and weekly check-ins. See Competitor Programs and Lifestyle Client Programs for more details.

For optimal results these macros should be changed and updated as your body changes!

Disclaimer - this is NOT an IIFYM program and this service in no way represents the Motiv8n'U Brand and Company supporting eating any type of food just because it fits your macros. We do encourage choices that are real foods of quality that encourage an inflammation free environment in your body.  

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