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  • Nutrition program for lifestyle clients



    If you have nutrition specialty needs please let Staci know immediately and choose the additional option during check-out. Thank you!

    This program comes with reference material, grocery lists, and macro conversions. I design this program personally for you revolving around your individual statistics, body type, activity, and goals.  You will also receive significant discounts on any supplements that we decide you need through Pride NutritionTrust Nutrition and Fit Mark Bags once joining the Motiv8nU™ community.  I will activate you in my APP  that will house the information I give you along with the data I collect from you to develop your plan. 

    You may decide to add our very comprehensive personal training piece that allows you to login to your own account and access your personal workouts for each day. This is an additional $30.00 and that program in full starts at $225 for the first 3 months and then is $75 a month afterwards. Please see the 3 month starter Motiv8nu Lifestyle change program  for more details OR submit questions through CONTACT US

    Please note that this is a ONE MONTH plan. MONDAY Check-ins OF WEIGHT and  progress pics are required for updates within this one month period. You will need to purchase this program again each month for new macros that adjust to your body, goal, and activity changes. 

     I am available to you via text from 6am-9pm M-F and 9-2 Sat /Sun

    ATTENTION COMPETITORS - If you are looking for an affordable option that will fine tune your Nutrition and Cardio for the final stages AND help with posing, glam, suit and tanning.... CLICK HERE for the La'Femme Combo Pack or Le' Monsieur option. 

    PREFERRED PAYMENT option is PAYPAL - note: you may pay with a credit card through the PAYPAL option, even without a PAYPAL account.  Thank you. 

    All sales are Final