New Products & Services Available
  • Private in person personal training sessions ONCE a week minimum of 4


    PREFERRED PAYMENT option is PAYPAL - note: you may pay with a credit card through this option, even without a PAYPAL account.  Thank you. 

    One-on-one private sessions with Staci in the Motiv8nu Studio. This package comes with a very comprehensive online personal training, nutrition program and support. So you are in check EVERY day not just the days you meet in the studio.  You will have a virtual dropbox folder that you and I share. We will communicate as often as needed. This folder will contain gathered data from you, weekly progress pictures, grocery lists, pertinent articles specific to your needs and questions along with a weekly narrative form that you can use to journal your new adventure. You will have your own private account to log in through the team website to access your daily workouts that are designed and programed for you by myself and my  Motiv8nu™ team.  You will be added to our private team Facebook group and given access to all of our Team discount and amenities through our team sponsors and partners.

    As a member of the Motiv8nU™ community you will receive significant discounts through Pride NutritionTrust Nutrition, and Capitol Nutrition

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