New Products & Services Available
  • POSING only clients Private Posing HOUR Session


    ONE hour posing session that includes video and stills of posing routine along with emailed notes. 

    This product is for clients working with other coaches but are using Staci for Posing only. Staci will connect and share your videos, photos and feedback with your coach if needed and desired and only with permission.

    Experience posing on a stage with and without a mirror. Photos and video taken from the judges point of view. 

    Practice on a carpet also available. 

    You will be contacted after your purchase to schedule your appointment! 

    Bring competition heels. and please wear what you feel confident in for your first session but please know a sports bra and shorts / bikini bottom will give you a more realistic view of your poses and progress.  If you need help buying shoes - go to and use code Motiv8n15 for a discount! 

    IF interested in Pageant posing we do have Pageant coaches available.  

    LOCATION: The Motiv8nu Studio  - 1707 Quincy ave #107 Naperville, Illinois 60563