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  • What Mia Cooks


    Do you have your meals planned, macros set, groceries bought...? Now what? Do you need help making these meals that you KNOW will help you achieve your goals, also taste great? Mia can help you! Every Monday Mia will walk you through new ways to spice up your meal prep!

    Time:6-7pm CST 

    Recipes will be emailed after the session!

    Learn the best seasonings to go with the foods that you eat - experiment new food combinations and learn how to make dressings and sauces that you used to think you had to buy!

    Virtual Zoom classes with Mia!

    Your food - Mia's way! 

    In person classes will be available soon!

    Who is Mia Schulte?

    "As soon as I was tall enough to reach the counter, my mom put me to work in our family kitchen. I learned by observing her and eventually trying recipes on my own. Studying nutrition and exercise science, and taking an interest in my own fitness in college led to an increased interest in healthy eating. My passion for cooking turned into a career teaching youth and adult cooking classes. At home, I love trying new recipes and testing healthy dishes for my fiancé and I! I also love trying new restaurants and experiencing new cuisine while I travel."