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  • Workout program for ONE MONTH - IN our APP!

    FOR returning clients ONLY - You must have completed at least the 3 month starter program to be eligible to purchase THIS individual component as our programs are designed to cover all components needed for a successful journey. FOR QUESTIONS ON THIS - please CONTACT US
    I design this program personally for you revolving around your individual statistics, body type, activity, and goals. My program provides you with a very comprehensive personal training piece through my APP that allows you to login to your own account and access your personal workouts for each day from your phone, laptop or tablet.  You will also receive significant discounts on any supplements that we decide you need through Pride Nutrition, & Trust Nutrition once joining the Motiv8nU™ community. 

    You may decide to add nutrition to this.  For an additional $45.00.  

    NOTE: The LIFESTYLE STARTER program in full starts at $225 for the first 3 months and then is $75 for Nutrition & Workouts  each month afterwards

    Please see the 3 month starter Motiv8nu Lifestyle change program (under SHOP and ONLINE TRAINING) for more details OR submit questions through CONTACT US

    PREFERRED PAYMENT option is PAYPAL - note: you may pay with a credit card through this option, even without a PAYPAL account.  Thank you. 

    All Sales Are Final